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Holos Institute of Ecopsychology

Holos Institute is dedicated to providing affordable, holistic therapy to the communities of the Bay Area.

With offices in San Francisco and Oakland, we offer high-quality, compassionate care on a sliding scale to adults, children, teens, couples, families and groups.

Our therapists are advanced-level, post-graduate Marriage and Family Therapist interns, supervised by master therapists with many years experience.

We also offer unique nature-based workshops and retreats to the public and continuing education programs for MFTs, LPCCs and LCSWs grounded in the principles of ecopsychology.

Whether you are navigating a specific life issue, or seeking more freedom and harmony in your life, Holos can help.

Latest News

  • Ecopsychology Retreat in San Francisco area

Revisioning Psychological Landscapes: Nurturing Resilience and Responsibility

Holos intern Caroline Lewis, MA, has written the following summary of a presentation she offered at the Holos 2017 Ecopsychology Conference in Petaluma, California.  Caroline presented on the value of nature based experiences to cultivate compassion and resiliency during adolescent development.    A Loss of Meaning “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and [...]

FREE Webinar Saturday, April 1 at 10:00 am – 3/30/17

Holos Institute's Director, Jan Edl Stein, will be participating in a FREE Webinar offered this weekend…. This is a natural outcome and follow-up from the 2017 Ecopsychology Conference that considered the questions of how to move through such deeply disturbing events. Jan is joined by the founder of Holos, Alan Levin, in this most informative webinar. Jan has prepared a [...]

  • 21 Tips for staying sane in the trump era

21 Tips for staying sane in the Trump era by Linda Buzzell

1. First You Cry. If you’re among the large majority of Americans who either voted for someone other than Trump or for no one at all, begin by processing your disappointment, rage, trauma, grief and despair with others of like mind. We must provide mutual support. 2. Hunker down and play the Long Game. Cultural transition is a relay race, [...]

Recent Review of Holos Institute and Jan Edl from Yelp.

stars: 5 •••••I am a graduate psychology student and did a Eco-psychology workshop with the Holos Institute and Jan Stein this Fall.  Within the workshop I learned  ways in which to work with the "inner landscape" or psyche in an Eco-psychological framework.  Having had many profound and life changing experiences in nature, I truly appreciated how Holos attempts to bring [...]