Michael Rochette, MFT


I have a lifelong commitment to exploring our interconnections with our selves, our families, our significant others, our coworkers/neighbors, and our natural world. I see many of our personal challenges, which tend to manifest as anxiety and depression, correspond with disconnected patterns that leave us stuck, emotionally, cognitively, somatically, and spiritually. As a California registered associate marriage and family therapist, I work with clients to heal existing interconnections and cultivate new ways of being in connection.

When appropriate, following an ecopsychology orientation, the traditional paradigm of psychotherapy can expand beyond the artificial boundaries of the therapy office to integrate the multi-dimensional reality of health. This approach recognizes the fuller spectrum of mental health that connects our inner and outer worlds.
I work with individuals couples, and families, of all ages, sexual orientation, body sizes, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I invite you to contact me to see if we would be a good fit.