Aaron Rasor, MFT



Whatever life circumstances brought you to taking this courageous action toward change, welcome….

Cultivating Awareness + Connection to Authentic Self -> Freedom of Choice -> Transformation

Life has a way of presenting us with intense challenges. Often, these experiences and feelings are recurring and rooted in the ways we were wounded in the past. And while as a culture we tend to be averse to discomfort, embedded within these very struggles is a tremendous opportunity for deep healing, freedom, and transformation.

As your therapist, my intention is to offer a safe and supportive space to intimately explore and make sense of your internal experience, such that your own unique truth is revealed. Integral to this process is developing a curious and compassionate relationship to your emotions and body as a gateway to developing a rich resource of emotional intelligence skills – an invaluable asset in helping to navigate life with greater ease and heal on a visceral level.

In this capacity, I privilege working creatively and experientially, utilizing mindfulness and other exercises, as an enlivening way of facilitating this inquiry. As a result, you will begin to see with more clarity and disentangle from the stories, negative thinking, and conditioned behavior that are causing you suffering. Along the way, you will be empowered to choose and integrate more satisfying and self-actualizing ways of being, thereby transforming your experience in the world.

In addition to my work with adults, it brings me great joy and purpose to work with children and their families. My approach is best described as creative and intuitive, following and immersing myself into their world. My experience is that what the child is struggling with will naturally emerge into the play so long as the right conditions are met. In this light, I offer a warm, empathic, attuned, and playful space where the child feels seen and safe to fully express him/herself. When the work surfaces, I creatively respond drawing upon an array of modalities and interventions to meet the child. In these moments, I will utilize expressive arts, mindfulness, gestalt, role play, and sand play as vehicles to helping the child come into contact with, metabolize, process, and resolve the experiences, affect, and/or beliefs underpinning their struggles. Furthermore, I contextualize the work through a family systems lens, working closely with the parents in parallel. I see this time together as a two way pathway to bridging the work from the office into the home, while discovering how we can all be an integral part of the healing process.

A Little About Me

After 15 years in the business world, I made a radical decision to pursue a career that was more aligned with my heart‘s desire. This incredibly meaningful and rewarding path has led to discovering and living from my purpose. Now, what I do is who I am. As a psychotherapist, I am deeply inspired and fulfilled by the intimate connections and transformation I have been a part of on this journey. My work is rooted in a devotion to personal growth, richly interwoven with an ever unfolding spiritual path of discovery that ushers me forward through life.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, and am happy to offer a free 20 minute phone consultation should you have any questions or are curious as to whether we might be a good fit. I wish you all the best.

For additional information, please visit my website at aaronrasorcoaching.com.