Clinical Director

As Director of Holos Institute Jan provides individual supervision, oversees clinical policies and operations, and organizes the public educational programs. She is a pragmatic dreamer and licensed psychotherapist, in practice for over 30 years.

As a supervisor and consultant, her philosophy is that each therapist is unique and the process of training is primarily one of guidance, clarity and collaborative discovery of the inherent gifts of each individual.  She encourages creative solutions backed by sound clinical judgment.  She supports trust in intuition and the cultivation of wisdom and kindness.

In her work as a psychotherapist, Jan offers heartfelt and engaged work.  Her style is sensitive, intuitive and yet direct and “down-to-earth”, facilitating clients to find solutions within their own creative inner resources and instincts.  Her work is based upon her faith in the inherent wisdom each being carries within.  She believes that healing is a process of coming into an active relationship with that wisdom.  She calls upon metaphors and archetypal patterns of nature to mirror the inherent wholeness of each person. Jan pays close attention to how emotions and thoughts are held in the body and may guide a release or shift through somatic focus, a yoga posture, or movement.  She draws upon a variety of skills and clinical orientations that include EMDR, mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy, shamanic journeying, Jungian dreamwork, self-psychology reflections, and systemic interventions.

Jan’s psychotherapy practice is informed by many years of traditional study in self-psychology, family systems and Jungian depth psychology. She received her BA in psychology from Rutgers University, completing her graduate study at the New School for Social Research and the University of San Francisco. She has also studied at the San Francisco Jung Institute, and trained in Ericksonian hypnotherapy, EMDR, Imago couples therapy, Process Acupressure, and a number of private studies with indigenous healers. Alongside her professional training, Jan has a lifetime of intuitive experiences and a personal spiritual practice which includes the study of integral yoga, mindfulness meditation, shamanism and earth-based wisdom traditions.

Jan offers her clinical consultation and psychotherapy work to individuals and couples, at her private practice offices in both San Francisco and Marin.  She also offers classes and workshops to psychotherapists and other health professionals on the topics of integrating shamanic techniques into psychological practice and transpersonal psychology. Jan leads workshops and retreats that weave together meditation, ritual and shamanic journeying. She has taught and presented at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Sonoma State University, Grof Transpersonal Training Program, Bioneers Conference, and numerous private venues.

She is most at peace on a mountaintop or absorbed in the luminous folds of flower petal.

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Jan Edl Stein