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This is an extraordinary opportunity to share the wisdom and healing powers of don Américo Yábar in a rare visit to the US.

The 3 night/4 day residential retreat is a unique connection with the teachings from the ancient Andean tradition and with ‘S’alka’.

S’alka is a Quechua word meaning “wild.” The connotation that don Américo Yábar gives this word is “free, untamed, or undomesticated energy.” S’alka energy touches everything that is in nature, Mother Earth, and the infinite spaces of the Cosmos. S’alka energy movement activates the will to a clearer perception of oneself and others in relation to consciousness. Consciousness in the Andes is expressed as Being, or Ser, subject to the Pachamama and the Cosmos, moving into a life of reciprocity and complementarity. It extends from the heart (munay) to the Cosmic Mind to include everything as alive and provided with sacred energy.
“The S’alka is a unique teaching in that it blossomed from the heart of the Andes, is resonant with the Andean culture, but is in no way an imitation of those indigenous traditions,” says don Américo. “One might say it is a path inspired by the heart of the Andean tradition. However, it is also resonant with the great insights of other heart-based traditions of the world, distilling into practical, somatic, and energetic transmissions a transformational or transfigurational experience.”


Don Américo Yábar is a poet, mystic, writer, therapist, and founder of the energetic S’alka movement who comes from the heart of the high Andes of Peru. Don Américo studied law and social psychology in Spain. He specializes in the traditions of the communities of the high Andes, has been immersed in learning and teaching throughout his life. Don Américo has spent more than 40 years sharing with groups around the world in connection with the spirit of nature. He is internationally recognized as a master of the ancient sacred traditions of the Andes. Don Américo is a Master Peruvian paqo, mystic, and poet who has studied and worked with  the Q’ero people of the high Andes his entire life. For decades he has taught various communities around the world about the sacred practices and ways of being of both predecessors and the descendants of the Incas who live today in remote mountainous regios at elevations between 14,000 and 20,000 feet. There, ancient practical knowledge, wisdom and cosmology have been orally transmitted and preserved over the centuries.

Don Américo, is one of few people initiated into the art of Andean healing by paqos (healer/mystic/shaman), and he forms a bridge between the ancient mystical tradition and the modern world. In his own unique way, he has given shape to his calling as a healer and founded the ‘Poetic S’alka Movement’. He offers an experience of connection with this source of regenerating, joyful, healing and living energy.

‘It is important that we rest from everyday life and open the window to the cosmos; then you can free yourself from all kinds of stress’
                                             ~Don Américo


Don Américo will share his experience and perspective on the traditions of the Andes and offer practical energetic movements to enhance connection with S’alka, with the natural world, and with each other. With simplicity and lightness, Don Américo guides in a direct and intense way, to experience this S’alka energy, energy of the infinite cosmos, and let it flow within oneself. With his decades long experiences in sharing and transmitting these unique teachings with countless people in different parts of the world, he is a master at shifting your perception; During the retreat you will notice how inextricably connected you are with Nature and the Cosmos. Experiencing that you are part of a living system where everything is connected, nourishing a state of being in which freedom, harmony and peace are possible.

Don Américo always works with the energy of the given place, of the given group. He senses what the people there need and acts accordingly. He doesn’t plan ahead, but rather decides on the spot based on his intuition. The experiences are unique and can be used by everyone in relation to their own lives. He may also focus on individuals during exercises.  We will typically have morning and afternoon session with him of about 3 hours each.
While it is somewhat unpredicatable, there is sure to be extra moments, at meal times or in the evening, etc., where he will be open to spotaneous question and answers or a taste of his remarkable stories.

We start with a short meditation each morning in order to be more receptive. After lunch, a siesta and quiet retreat is recommended.  The land of the retreat center offers miles of hiking, a swimable pond, hot tub, lovely places to sit and contemplate the natural world, and sweet places to gather with others.

You may take notes, but audio and video recordings are not allowed. Photographs may be taken only with permission.

There is a variety of accomodations to chose from.  Fees listing include lodging, lunches and dinners from Friday evening to Sunday evening (breakfasts are self-serve with basics provided), and tuition for Americo.



The retreat center is located about 2.5  hours north of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Detailed driving directions will be sent out in advance of the program.  Please plan to arrive between 4 and 4:30 pm.  The center will not allow us to arrive sooner than 4:00 pm so if you are very early, we suggest you continue another 5 miles into the town of Boonville where there are cafes and some lovely shops to explore while you wait.
If you are flying in for this event, the best airports to arrive at are either SFO (San Francisco International) or STS (Santa Rosa).
From SFO, you may either rent a car (plan on a 3 hour drive) or take either the Marin Airporter or Sonoma Express.  Both of these can get you to a drop off point along the Hwy 101 corridor in either Marin or Sonoma counties where we will do our best to connect you with another  retreat participant who is willing to offer a ride.
  ***  While we cannot guarantee that we can arrange a ride share, we do our best to coordinate this.
From the Santa Rosa airport it is just a few minutes over an hour to the retreat center.  You can rent a car there and drive up or we can try to coordinate a ride share pick up at the airport.
On Monday morning we will end promptly at 11:00 am (if not sooner).  Getting rideshares to any of the airport shuttle pick ups along the 101 corridor will be much easier to arrange once we have all spent a lovely time together at the center.  If you are flying back out of SFO, please schedule your departure flight no earlier than 3:30 pm or from Santa Rosa, no earlier than 1:30 pm.
If you do decide to rent your own car AND have some extra time to spend on either end of the retreat, there are many wonderful places to explore.
Not far from the retreat center, outside of the town of Ukiah, is a sweet hot springs resort called Orr Hot Springs .  Two miles down the road from Orr is Montgomery Woods State Park where you can visit the giant redwoods in a much less touristy way.
Hwy 128 runs out to the Pacific coast (an hour drive from the retreat center) along the Anderson Valley which is full of wineries, rolling farmland and another redwood park.  It comes out to the coast just south of the town of Medocinco and there are wonderful places to visit all along the coast.
Jan is happy to give you suggestions – just email her at jan@holosinstitute.net.
Also, keep in mind that we will have dinner on Friday evening around 7:00 pm.
Our wonderful cook, Candice, carefully considers dietary needs and cooks hearty, mostly organic and locally sourced meals.  She will prepare lunches and dinners – from Friday’s arrival evening to Sunday evening dinner.
Breakfasts are self serve.  We will stock the guest kitchens with the basics: coffee, tea, fruit, yogurt, granola, bread and some hard-boiled eggs.  If you want something else, we encourage you to bring what you most like to have for breakfast.  There are several guest kitchens in which to store your food and prepare your breakfasts.
Cell phone service is spotty at the center but there are landlines that may be used in an urgent situation.  There is, however, very good internet throughout the campus.

* Please note that this event is structured for all fees in excess of actual costs to go directly to Don Americo and Don Gayle as tuition and partial reimbursement of travel expenses. They are planning their travel far in advance and counting on registrations to support their efforts.
IF you must cancel, please consider forfeiting your fees as a donation to sponsor Americ and Gayle.  Holos can issue you a donation receipt as a tax-deduction.

Cancellation requests should be sent via email  to : events@holosinstitute.net
All reservation deposits ($250) and fees are refundable minus $75 administrative fee if cancellation received BEFORE April 1, 2024.
All reservation deposits ($250) are non-refundable after April 1, 2024.
All fees are refundable minus the deposit ($250) and minus a $75 administrative fee for cancellations received BEFORE May 1, 2024.
All fees are non-refundable for cancellations received on or AFTER May 1, 2024.
Optionally, someone you know may assume your reservation for an administrative fee of $75 and any balance due.  Please email us for details.

Don Américo offers his teaching in Spanish.  We will have the lovely Pia Ossorio present as his translator for the weekend. Pia has worked with Don Americo since 2007. She has collaborated with him on interviews as his interpreter and has traveled internationally as assistant and interpreter. She has worked in Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, Crete, Holland, Costa Rica and Mexico as well as various groups in Peru. In the US she has worked with him in Hawaii, Oregon, California ( both North and South), Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. Her background is in Cultural Anthropology, Montessori Education and holds a MA from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Depth Psychology with Emphasis on Mythology and Education. Among her other interests, her interests in somatic and energetic work has complimented her collaboration with Don Americo and her ability to understand his emphasis. She is the mother of 4 and lives in Colorado.

Holos director, Jan Edl Stein, MFT, will be the host and moderator of the weekend.  Jan has worked with Americo since 1997 and his teachings have greatly influenced her work.

Still unconfirmed, Gayle Yábar, Don Americo’s son, may join us. Gayle has apprenticed with his father and often supports Americo’s trainings.  He is, in his own way, a masterful guide of the S’alka way.

Fees listed INCLUDE accomodations, tuition and meals (lunches and dinners with self serve breakfasts)

Bell Tents & Cabins

These “glamping” tents are scattered on the knoll in the back of the property – close to the yurt and outdoor ampitheater where most of the sessions will take place.  Each tent has 2 twin beds. The tents are heated, lit, have heated mattresses and full linens. Each tent has a platform “porch”.  The tents offer the most intimate connection to the natural world.  They share a spacious bathhouse with private shower rooms.  There is also a covered, outdoor kitchen for guest use.

Shared Bell Tent (farther from bath house) $925
A twin bed in a 2 bed  shared “glamping” tent nestled among oak trees. Bath house is about a 3-5 minute walk uphill.

Shared Bell Tent (close to bath house) $980
A twin bed in a 2 bed, shared “glamping” tent Bath house is short, level walk.

Private Bell Tent (farther from bath house) $1025 – SOLD OUT
Have a “glamping” tent nestled among oak trees all to yourself. Bath house is about  a 5 minute uphill.

Private Bell Tent (close to bath house) $1125 – SOLD OUT
Have a “glamping” tent all to yourself.  Bath house is short, level walk.

Camp with your own tent $850 – ONE SPOT LEFT
There are a few limited spots to pitch your own tent in the knoll area and use the shared bath house.  You need to bring all of your own gear.

Shared Tent Cabin $1200
There are 2 spacious tent cabins.  Each has 2 twin beds that may be configured as one king bed for couples.

These are slightly more spacious than the bell tents.  Both are fairly close to the bath house. These also have heat and electricity.

Private Tent Cabin $1350
Have a spacious tent cabin all to yourself. These are slightly more spacious than the bell tents.  Both are fairly close to the bath house. These also have heat and electricity.


The large, modern barn has rooms on the top floor. They share 4 bathrooms and a guest kitchen.  The barn also hosts the main kitchen with an outdoor patio.
The barn is situated between the Toll House (short walk) and the knoll (10 minute walk).

Shared room in Barn $1200
Twin bed in a shared room in the barn. May also be configured as a king bed for couples.
2 people per room.

Private Room in Barn $1350
Have your own room (twin bed) in the barn


The Bunkhouse is a modern addition to the Toll House. It consists of two rooms, a large living room with bunk beds, a common room with its own kitchen and Murphy bed, it’s own deck/garden and a lovely bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub. Attached to the Toll House, it has easy access to the hot tub.

Shared room in Bunkhouse $1200
A twin bed in a spacious, shared room. Up to 3 people.

Semi-Private room in Bunkhouse $1350
A twin bed in a spacious room that you will have all to yourself.  It is lightly closed off from the common area which will host one other person.
Share bathroom with other guest.

Semi-Private Queen bed in Bunkhouse $1350
Sleep in a queen Murphy bed in the common area of the bunkhouse, sharing the bathroom.
This is a good fit for people who want privacy while sleeping but don’t mind sharing space when awake.


The Toll House is a large, renovated, turn-of-the-century farmhouse that sits at the front entrance to the property.

It has 4 bedrooms (3 ensuite), a large country kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining room, large deck and lovely garden.

The hot tub is located in the Toll House garden.

Toll House upstairs room – shared (couples only)  FULL/UNAVAILABLE
Room in top floor with queen bed. 2 rooms have ensuite bathrooms and one uses private bathroom down hall.

Toll House upstairs room – private   FULL/UNAVAILABLE
Room in top floor of Toll House with queen bed. 2 rooms have ensuite bathrooms and one uses private bathroom down hall.

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Public Programs and Continuing Education

Holos offers an ongoing series of educational programs open to both the general public and to psychotherapists. All of these offerings resonate with the Holos vision of an integral approach to healing that considers the body, mind and spirit as well as the greater community in which we live. Our presenters are each a specialist in their field and bring a breadth of vision from cosmological perspectives to the mindful explorations of depth psychology. We strive to offer innovative and creative approaches to current topics in clinical psychology.

Most programs offer continued education credit for MFTs and LCSWs.

Please click on events for more details.

Registration for most events available through PayPal or via mail see each event for detail.

Holos Institute is committed to inclusivity, diversity and social justice. We are committed to creating a courageous, authentic space that welcomes a diverse group of participants in our public educational programs, across lines of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. Our educational programs model ethical and clinically sound practices and follow the code of ethics described by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT).

If you have financial challenges that prevent you from participating in any program, there are a limited number of work exchange scholarships available and/or discounts. If you would like to discuss any of this further, please email us.


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