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S. Shmee

Administrative Director


Shmee is the Administrative Director of the Holos Institute and is the “go-to” person for internship applicants, staff and all things related to the operation of Holos.

An experienced program administrator and event coordinator, Shmee is happy to lend her skills to both the counseling and education branches of the Holos Institute. Please contact Shmee with any inquiries regarding the Holos Institute.

In addition to this role, Shmee is an intermedia artist, storyteller and educator whose work is driven by a commitment to the creative process and the potential it holds for enrichment. Shmee offers art-based interventions at public events and alongside therapeutic and rite of passage practices. These programs use  mindfulness, embodiment, and creative play for self-inquiry, story weaving and community building.

Shmee’s original works have been seen at the Bioneers conference, the conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams,  SF Fringe Festival, Cucalores Film Festival, and Figment Arts, among others.

A selection of Shmee’s artwork can be viewed online at:  http://theartofshmee.weebly.com/


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