Katie Cooper, MFT


Therapy is an opportunity to come home to yourself. It is an invitation to move through old blockages and embrace your most honest, authentic, and alive self.

Katie Cooper, M.A.As your therapist, I believe it is my job to support you in remembering and expressing who you are. Through our work together, you can learn to connect with yourself more fully, feeling more alive, engaged, and empowered to make choices in your life which are closer to your heart. Our work will support you in reconnecting with your authentic self, cultivating a solid inner sense of what you need and what you want in your life, and how to navigate through your thoughts and feelings as you grow and develop. I believe that therapy can help you learn how to listen to yourself in new ways, how to honor your feelings and experiences, and to allow yourself to feel valued and loved for who you are, even in times when you are feeling overwhelmed, scared, or angry. I trust that you know the truth of your experience better than anybody, and as your support, I can offer ways to engage with your mind, body, and spirit that will help you to come into contact with your truth more clearly, and find ways to express what you genuinely think and feel. As a therapist, my style is warm, collaborative, and intuitive.

I believe deeply in the healing power of the relationship between therapist and client, and will work to create a space where you feel supported and understood. While I will often encourage you to lead the direction and pace of the session, I will always be there for you in our explorations, and at times may ask us to slow down, and get curious about what you are thinking, feeling, or experiencing. We will reflect on the stories and beliefs influencing your life, exploring which stories are old and outdated, and what new narratives are ready to emerge.

In session, we will often be focusing on learning how to recognize feelings, linking thoughts and memories to bodily sensations, noticing when and where you feel different sensations in your body. As we explore your inner world together, I will always be checking in with you as we go, respectfully honoring your pace, and offering ways to ground yourself through the process. As your emotional awareness builds, we will explore the places where you feel anxious, or fearful, and work to identify ‘triggers’ and beliefs which keep you stuck in unwanted patterns. We will also experiment with different coping strategies and ways of resourcing when you are feeling overwhelmed. In our therapy sessions, I will lovingly support you in taking safe and enlivening risks for the sake of waking your deepest joy and expanding your sense of trust in yourself and your life.

You can also find out a bit more about me and how I work here: katiecoopertherapy.com.