Do you sometimes feel lost, untethered, or unclear about what’s happening? Do you find yourself overwhelmed or overextended in your relationships or work? Are you trying to make sense out of your experiences and find meaning in your life? You aren’t alone in this. In our work together, I am here to support, connect, and honor the complexity of your process, and to help you become clear and empowered in your life, work, and relationships. If you are seeking balance and self-care, stress management, and clarity, or if you struggle with finding your own purpose and center, ever feel exhausted or hopeless, burnt out or overwhelmed, we can find the way together. I am here to support you with:

  • spiritual emergence, crises of transformation
  • dark night of the soul/depression
  • mood imbalances/bipolar
  • acute and complex trauma
  • anxiety, general and social
  • recovering from challenging relationships
  • finding meaning and purpose

If you are seeking a therapist who is kind, compassionate, sensitive, and open to non-ordinary realities and spiritual phenomena, who also has a deep grounding in the sciences and effective research-based modalities, feel free to contact the Center, and request me. I look forward to supporting you on your journey to find balance, resilience, and meaning.

My passion is to help my clients reconnect to themselves and their environment- the overlapping systems that inform our experience. This resonates with the path that we are now trying to course-correct, reclaim, and re-integrate those aspects that have been devalued, misunderstood, or led to the imbalance and the dismemberment of matter and spirit. My passion is to support the systems view and honor the complexity and uniqueness of my clients, and help them to finding their inner knowing and embeddedness in the collective healing process we find ourselves in in this time.

The role of the therapist and group facilitator is resonant of a midwife supporting the birthing out of a new octave of the Self that emerges as healing occurs. This sense of feeling supported, they can access the deep places that long for witnessing and care. My passion also lies in the facilitation of a groups that are in support of healers and helpers, and of spiritual emergence as a collective opening and stepping into gifts and service for one another and the planet. I am in deep gratitude for all those around me who have supported and continue to support my process, as I support them. The peaks and valleys, the spaces between, all have a place and all are welcome.  We connect to one another here, and our work in this time of transformation is built upon the foundation of collaboration, and each of us is vital.

As I reflect on the sacredness of the Earth, all Her many gifts, and Her awesome power, we remember to attend to her with reverence and gratitude. This honoring can provide us with a renewed sense of the interconnectedness with all of life and the non-living systems, as well as re-mything or imbuing the planet and the Universe as a whole with new mystery and sacredness. Gaia teaches us about our effect upon, and reliance to all things. We are all cells in Her body. Living in balance with the cycles and rhythms of nature, honoring our resources, and working with, not against the flow, is the wisdom that we need to amend our lifestyles to include.

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