Oakland Office


Michael has a lifelong commitment to understanding the interconnections between the human psyche and our natural environment.

As a professional environmental geologist for over 25 years, Michael has worked to bridge the gaps between human health and the health of the environment.

Michael RochetteMichael believes that many of our personal and interpersonal disconnections directly correspond with disconnections with our planet. As a therapist in training he works with people to deepen and expand their own cognitive, emotional, somatic, and spiritual relationships with the natural world as a key to the integral healing of both the person and the planet. Following an ecopsychology orientation, the traditional paradigm of psychotherapy can expand beyond the artificial boundaries of the therapy office to integrate the multi-dimensional reality of health. This approach recognizes the fuller spectrum of health that connects our inner and outer worlds and generates an emerging sense of attuned aliveness that radiates back and forth between the individual and the world. Embodying this aliveness provides a tangible connection with nature that can be called upon to support and guide us throughout our life. Areas of interest include somatic psychology, attachment theory, Jungian dream work, mindfulness practices, Gestalt psychology, transpersonal psychology, developmental psychology, family systems theory, neuroscience, bioregionalism, hydrogeology, Gaia theory, drumming and qi gong. Michael’s path to psychotherapy is one of personal evolution. He journeyed from his native coastal New England to the desert southwest and onto the redwood groves of northern California. He has worked as a ship builder, a land surveyor, and, for the past 25 years, an environmental geologist focused on groundwater protection and cleanup in the San Francisco Bay area. Michael is well versed in family dynamics as he is the third child in a family of five, the father of twin teen-age boys, and in a long-term relationship with his partner who also has twin-teen age boys. Michael received an M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies in December 2014  He is currently a registered marriage and family intern at Holos Institute.