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       You are not dead yet. It is not too late

       To open your depths by plunging into them

       And drink in the life

       That reveals itself quietly there.

                ~ Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God | Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy, trans.

How did you come to be who you think you are? What is your true nature? Why do you suffer in all the ways you do? What from within your depths is now seeking more light and consideration in your waking life?

Suffering in any psychological or spiritual form, is the primary clue that something within you is calling for your loving, focused and committed attention and is inviting healing. The invitation to meet yourself is seldom, if ever, solicited; the encounter is most often brought on by an agitating constellation of inner and outer circumstances that lead one to more thoroughly question just who one is.

I offer an approach to counseling – with individuals, couples, children, families and small groups, both in the consultation room and in natural outdoor settings – that is shaped by an ecopsychological framework which draws upon Western psychological paradigms, Eastern contemplative practices and global Indigenous wisdom traditions; my healing work is grounded, as well, in the depthful experience of my own past psychospiritual crises and in my ongoing healing and growth in mindfulness-based relationship to and with nature.

Ecopsychology, in its proven clinical applications and practice, wholly supports humans in furthering and, perhaps, accelerating their own unique processes of psychospiritual awakening and integral, whole-person transformation, so that one may find oneself living with more emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual integrity, equanimity and resilience in an extraordinary time in human history, a time of intensifying planetary upheaval and revolution.

Your formal, committed, therapeutic relationship with me may begin, and/or continue, your own profoundly revolutionary process, one that will serve to assist you with the uncovering and expression of your unique personal truths and in embodying your fullest powers for living in harmony within yourself and with all life.

Concurrent with my clinical work, spiritual counseling and nature guidance, I am a doctoral student of East-West Psychology, at the California Institute of Integral Studies. My scholarly interests wholly inform my therapeutic capacities and range from Transpersonal, Depth and Indigenous psychologies; embodied spirituality; ecopsychology; wilderness-based rites of passage; archetypal mythology; and psychedelic studies and expanded states of consciousness.

If we are to work together, I will faithfully endeavor to assist you in the processes of your awakening and healing and in your learning to more fluidly move through otherwise inexplicable states of suffering in their various manifestations – from anxiety, depression and relational conflict to grief, anger and alienation – in to a more open, expansive, loving and peaceful experience of life. Your commitment to yourself, and to the process of coming to know your true self, will most-assuredly foment lasting personal change in the form of heart opening, consciousness expansion and spiritual growth … with nature and soul as guide.