Holos is pleased to announce a new group that is forming for later this month (September, 2017).

This group was created to support white people to build their capacity to sit in the discomfort of racism, dismantle white fragility, and become more effective agents of change when it comes to healing the wound of racism. I have  personally experienced and witness how white people’s fears, anxieties, and defensiveness shut down conversation about racism and are at the expense of POC. This particular course is a unique opportunity for white people to come together and have a space to explore their own fragility and and support each other so that we can show up with the capacity to listen and STAY when the conversation gets uncomfortable. One of the biggest privileges white people have is to tend to our own comfort level at the expense of others. This group is an opportunity to explore our discomforts around racism and expand our window of tolerance for being with the uncomfortable feelings it brings up for us.  Until we white people learn how to sit in the discomfort, stay connected, and are able to listen and open up to the impact of racisim, we deny the most fundamental need of healing, which is to be seen and heard. Without that all of our good hearted intentions to make change are limited to our ability to actually sit in the discomfort that white people have the privilege to feel into or not. This is group is an opportunity to do something different on a persona and community level and to end the legacy of white silence.