March 2023

July 2022

Ecotherapy Training Retreat


  Come learn about Ecotherapy and deepen your nature-connection skills with Holos director, Jan Edl Stein at the Bell Valley Retreat Center in Mendocino [...]

Ecotherapy Training Retreat2022-07-05T21:43:00-07:00

June 2022

September 2020

July 2020

Moving Clinical Sessions Outdoors


As many therapists are trying to sort out the best and safest way to resume in-person client sessions, a great and sensible solution is [...]

Moving Clinical Sessions Outdoors2021-11-26T10:36:17-08:00

November 2019

Online Info Session for Certificate Program


Join Holos director, Jan Edl Stein and possible alumni for an informational, Q&A session for the Ecopsychology Certificate Program. Saturday, November 9, 10:00 am [...]

Online Info Session for Certificate Program2019-11-02T12:18:55-07:00

October 2019

June 2019

April 2019

Ecopsychology Conference 2019


Emergent Truth in Soulful Times: How do we Face, Speak and Act in Truth in a World of Falsehood and Fear April 6 – [...]

Ecopsychology Conference 20192019-02-09T20:42:17-08:00

Ecopsychology Certificate Program 2019


Holos Ecopsychology Certificate Program 2019 RECOVER your wild heart and mind, RESTORE your connection to Nature, BECOME a guide for others in RECONNECTING and [...]

Ecopsychology Certificate Program 20192019-07-11T22:31:03-07:00


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