1. First You Cry. If you’re among the large majority of Americans who either voted for someone other than Trump or for no one at all, begin by processing your disappointment, rage, trauma, grief and despair with others of like mind. We must provide mutual support.

2. Hunker down and play the Long Game. Cultural transition is a relay race, not a sprint. Do what you can, knowing that you will pass the baton forward to others who will continue the work in the future. Eradicating a centuries-old, life-destroying ideology is not be a quick or easy endeavor.

3. Take the Deep view. Explore history, global myth and Jung’s depth psychology, with its wisdom on the value of Shadow. This too shall pass, for better or worse.

4. Promote the Good. Focus on steadily building the world we want our children to live in. Take time to imagine and work towards this different world, a much kinder society where mutual care and cooperation with all living beings takes precedence over ruthless exploitation and competition.

5. Let go of Human Exceptionalism by renouncing the Big Lie that humans are separate from and superior to the rest of nature, so it doesn’t matter what we do to it. Deeply explore the sacredness of water, land, trees, animals, atmosphere, night stars and all of the amazing cosmos.

6. Simplify your life and lifestyle to focus on real wealth, not just cash. Slow down, declutter and move towards living in greater harmony with all of life.