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affordable, high quality psychotherapy services with marriage and family therapist interns who are participating in the Holos ecopsychology training program. We also offer unique group experiences in nature/wilderness therapy and vision quests.
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Raia Kogan

Ananya HixonEmbodied spirituality allows a continuum between our bodily selves and spiritual longings. We feel ourselves and find the continuity between self and the desire to give and serve. We recognize our human animal nature and allow that to blossom into a larger perspective. Embodied spirituality is based on reality rather than pretense, on what is and what is becoming, rather than jumping ahead to what should be." Susan Aposhyan

As a practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation for over a decade, I bring a holistic perspective to my work as a therapist. I hold the view of “basic wholeness,” which sees even the most challenging states of our minds and relationships as fundamentally workable expressions of our true nature. Through psychotherapy, we gently melt some of the layer of conditioning so that a person’s true nature can shine through more brightly and express more freely in their lives. I support clients in gently contacting an authentic and spontaneous way of being in relationship to themselves, their loved ones, their larger community, and the planet.

With training in both depth and body-oriented psychotherapy, my work is a healing synthesis of wisdom and skillful means. While holding the perspective that simply bringing awareness to our inner experience will invite healing, I use tools of somatic psychology and meditation to support the therapeutic process. I offer clients specific practices that they can access anytime in their lives to find more grounding and ease in their body, breath, and mind. I am fascinated by neuroscience research in the field of somatic psychology and my work is grounded in some of the cutting edge approaches of this synthesis. 

I came to the field of psychotherapy with a depth of embodied wisdom and intuition from a career as a bodyworker and yoga instructor and a personal journey working with a body-oriented meditation tradition of Buddhism. I completed my training at CIIS in 2009 and have worked with individuals and couples for two years. I have created a unique expression in my work as a therapist by learning to apply some of the tools of yoga and meditation into psychotherapy as well as work with other somatic methods. I am a certified Rape Crisis Counselor and welcome clients who are working through trauma whether recent or from childhood. I love helping survivors access internal resources to find a sense of safety and grounding even from the first session or phone call. I guide clients who are moving through trauma to find a sense of inner support while entering the deeper healing work of psychotherapy. Many survivors come to therapy to simply feel functional again, but I believe that through somatic therapy, they can find greater embodiment, freedom, and empowerment in their lives than they thought possible.

I also enjoy helping clients find greater embodiment and expression in their experience of intimacy and sexuality and am experienced in working with diverse couples and individuals including LGBTQI clients and monogamous and polyamorous couples. I also enjoy working with couples and individuals who are exploring relationship and intimacy as a path of spiritual awakening. 

Truly, I feel honored to work with people who are navigating the difficult crises that inevitably arise in the course of a lifetime or those who simply feel that there might be greater meaning of joy possibly in any part of their life.

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